Taking care of your body can't happen just once a month while getting a massage. Keeping the body healthy and supple requires an ongoing practice. Yoga is a beautiful practice that can be done virtually anywhere, at any time, and helps to improve circulation, flexibility, balance, strength and organ health.

I offer private yoga classes or small group classes which are clothing-optional. I have practiced yoga for 14 years and have a passion and dedication to my practice. I love to work with beginners just as much as advanced practitioners. If you want to join larger classes that I offer, please go to Men In Touch.

Classes can be tailored to your needs, but I can offer:

  • ashtanga vinyasa series (energizing, strength-building)

  • hatha yoga (gentle, more restorative)

  • partner yoga (fun, sensual)

  • yogic breathwork (ujjayi, nadi shodana, kapalbhati) 

  • cleansing practices (nauli kriya, lion's breath)

  • sensual yoga (a combination of yoga postures with massage and chakra holding)

  • partner tantric breathwork (extra $30/hr)

COST: $70/hr for one person, $15/hr extra for each extra person

To book: email