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erotic Massage

My massage incorporates the energetic level to illuminate inner vibrancy.

On the one hand, professional massage too often leaves us feeling incomplete because the focus is solely on muscles and physical pain. On the other hand, massage parlours can be too genitally focussed. Either way, it feels mechanical and impersonal. In contrast to this, tantric massage includes invigorating muscle massage, balancing of subtle energies, breathing techniques and gentle movement and stretches that allow our internal energy to flow wherever it is needed most - it could be to heal inner wounds, to bring clarity and insight to life challenges, or to ignite sexual passion and creativity. I strive to generate full-body pleasure that transcends the usual experience of a regular sexual climax.

I am a long time practitioner of tantra, and incorporate many of the principles in my practice. If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of tantra, and how it relates to massage, read my explanation here.

A massage is typically 60, 90 or 120 minutes. All massages include therapeutic, sensual and erotic touch, though I highly recommend 90 and 120-min massages, which give you more time to relax and really explore tantric energy. I have strong hands that can access deep pressure points. Sometimes a light, sensuous touch is all that is needed to bring you to a place of inner stillness. The massage combines quick, invigorating strokes with periodic holding of energetic centres. We will use breath and sound as a tool to access deeper states of relaxation.

I use unscented organic coconut oil and sacred music that encourages relaxation. I often like to talk with clients for 10-15 minutes before the massage to get a sense for who you are and what you are looking for. Before the massage begins, I will also guide you through a complimentary meditation that sets the stage for the touch you will receive. I can offer a shower before or after the massage for $30.

Find my rates and location here.

You may also wish to use CBD/THC infused massage oil to further deepen your relaxation, which is an extra $20.

Another option in a subsequent 2-hour massage is to ingest a microdose of plant medicine to deepen your internal awareness, for an extra $30. 

Allow me to use my healing touch to honour your whole body and soul, including as much erotic touch as you feel comfortable with. Let your ordinary concerns melt away as you come to a deeper peace within your own heart and mind.

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