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About Me

Ziji is a Tibetan word that translates as “full of splendour,” “brilliance,” or “confidence.” Sensual massage is way to restore ourselves to this state.

I have spent more than eight years studying massage with a friend and mentor Sequoia, who has been doing this work for almost 40 years. I have long believed in the power of the body to heal, transform and awaken us to our spiritual dimension. This comes from many years of journeying in different spiritual traditions, including First Nations spirituality, Tantric Buddhism, and yoga. This culminated in spending two years in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Canada, developing a meditation practice, and learning tantric practices. This work has made me deeply attuned to the inner workings of my own energy, which allows me to intuitively sense what somebody needs to create transformation and healing. I am also a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, which helps with my understanding of anatomy and alignment.

I am interested in the healing ability of sexual energy. By "healing," I don't mean traditional therapeutic healing, but that which makes us more whole. My work does not focus on pain, but rather pleasure, and the obstacles we may have to experiencing pleasure. Healing not only addresses the parts of us that feel broken; it helps expand our understanding of ourselves, and our interconnectedness with the world.

I’ve been called to massage work as a way to help others find the clarity and power of a still mind. I feel very passionate about sharing this experience with others. My massage practice is not just a way for me to make money. I consider it my way of contributing to the world. I believe everyone should have access to this kind of experience, which is why I offer discounts for folks who are traditionally underrepresented in this line of work.

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