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What is Tantra?

“Tantra says, if sex is so vital that life comes out of it, then there must be something more to it. That something more is the key towards divinity.” -Osho

Tantra is a spiritual tradition that affirms the value of sexual energy as a source of inspiration, vitality, and insight. Oftentimes we are led to believe that pursuing sex is selfish or hedonistic, but we can use the power of pleasure to transform our being.

“Sex is a very mysterious phenomenon. You start it, but a moment comes when you are no more. You lose your mind; the energy takes hold of you, possesses you.” -Osho

We all know that sex is an intense experience. Sexual energy has the power to shake us out of our usual habits, worries and preoccupations. The tantric tradition states that we should not be embarrassed by our sexual needs and desires. Instead, we should use them as a way to wake ourselves to our creative potential and delight in life.

Tantric massage works to ignite sexual energy and then to disperse it throughout the body, as opposed to simply concentrating it and building it up to a climax. This leads to a much more expansive, full-bodied state of pleasure, that allows us to access deeper states of consciousness.

“When you become more sensitive, when you start feeling your inner presence, you are bridged with reality; you start dancing, singing, celebrating each moment of life. And you start feeling thankful, thankful towards the whole. With each breath there is a thankfulness, a deep gratefulness, that you are.” -Osho

My hope is that tantric massage can help bring you closer to feeling this deep thankfulness for being the beautiful person you are.

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