Aug 23, 2019


A massage with Ziji is a one of a kind experience I will never forget.  He is very professional and takes the time to listen to his client's needs.  His sensual touch makes me forget the outside world and drift into a peaceful state.  I always feel so relaxed and re-energized after my session with Ziji.

Feb 7, 2018


My massage with Ziji was far beyond my expectations. His combination of relaxation and tantric techniques had me feeling completely relaxed and fully energized at the same time. With Ziji I experienced sensuality in a whole new way and look forward to my next visit!!

July 30, 2016

Alex Westingham

Ziji is a special man. A unique spirit. He resets the bar that you have always held to a new ethereal level, one that you will leave you going nowhere else. His sanctuary is peaceful, warm and sets the stage perfectly for a remarkable experience every time.

Nov 3, 2018


Ziji woke the sexual energy in me that was dormant for nearly 5 years. His professionalism, warmth and charming good looks enable a relaxed environment, free of self consciousness. Ziji helped me let go of outside distractions and fully submerge myself in the moment. If you are exploring tantra, I highly recommend Ziji. He is patient, caring and well-trained.

Feb 27, 2017

Gregor J.

Now I know why you are so busy! It's because you are extremely good and personable, and there are very few - if any - other options like you in this town.

Aug 16, 2015

John Parker

Ziji is handsome, sincere and warm, and has an open energy that put me immediately at ease. He takes his time and is totally present for you throughout the massage. Ziji has great skill in his hands, perfectly blending sensual elements with more traditional ones in an intuitive and deeply satisfying way.