Have a VISIONARY experience using the power of plant medicines.

 Let me guide you through a plant medicine journey unlike any other. The research into plant medicines is clear: setting up a safe and loving container is essential to having a positive, transformative experience. We will work together to:

  • identify and clarify your intentions

  • create a physical setting that keeps you calm and centred

  • establish safety protocols

  • be guided through various meditations or rituals such as:

    • drum de-armouring​

    • sound chakra cleansing

    • journey into the heart chakra

    • undressing ritual

  • reintegrate your learnings after the journey is over


  • 2 hour journey

    • using a microdose during a 2-hour massage​ (extra $30)

  • 4 hour journey and a follow-up phone call, $300

    • using a low-dose to heighten relaxation and intimacy

    • Strongly recommended to have a caregiver who can be with you for 3-7pm

  • 8 hour journey (roughly 11am~7pm) and two follow-up phone calls, $500

    • using a high dose to enter deeper states of awareness

  • Rates are negotiable for folks identifying as black, indigenous or trans.