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Men In Touch: 

Enter Your Body  //  Explore Intimacy // Be Yourself // Discover Playfulness  // 

Connect Body - Mind - Spirit  // Uncover Desire

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Naked Yoga

A clothing optional men's yoga class that focuses on posture, breath, partner work, meditation, and caring touch.

Weekend Workshops

Exploring nurturing touch, both sensual and erotic, to cultivate deeper states of intimacy, we uncover the power latent in our own sexuality.

Online Workshops

Join a 4-week class to explore 'authentic relating' or 'We-SPace Meditation'.

Develop intimacy & communication skills online

You will be joined by other like-minded men who wish to explore the delights of the body, and guided by myself and fellow sacred intimate Sequoia, you can experience the power of a sacred container of loving touch! Check us out at:

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