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Do you and your partner want to experience erotic massage TOGETHER?

Deepen your erotic connection with your partner by sharing a tantric massage with one another. Tantric massage is a beautiful way to experience each other in both sexual and sacred dimensions. Enter into the throes of ecstasy as both Ziji and your partner massage you, and you'll each get a turn to be on the receiving end!

In this 2.5-hour session, you will:

  • receive basic instruction in the theory & practice of tantric massage

  • experience an undressing ritual

  • each of you will receive a 45-min 4-handed massage

Cost: $385


"The experience of a couples massage was both relaxing and exhilarating. We were a little nervous before but we were immediately put at ease by Ziji. He was conscientious , thoughtful, respectful and professional. The process is well communicated and we were both made to feel very comfortable before we began. We were guided through connecting with ourselves and each other in a mindful way that allowed for discovery of tantric energy which was new to both of us.  After the session we felt more connected and are now able to practice some of the techniques at home."

David & Mark, Sep 2018

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